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When you discover the European Quarter you're treated to a microcosm of this magnificent continent, infused with the Brussels 'art de vivre'. Let yourself be amazed...

The European quarter: an eventful history

The European Quarter is both unique and multifaceted. It is made up of several sub-neighbourhoods (place Jourdan, quartier Léopold, Cinquantenaire Park, Mérode and place du Luxembourg) separated by several major thoroughfares. One thing they all have in common is that they have all been transformed by the establishment of European and international institutions. As a result, the neighbourhood has had a colourful history, with a decline in the number of inhabitants, a lack of diversity in terms of shops and busy thoroughfares that have fragmented the area. In recent years, however, the European Quarter has become more dynamic and diverse. There are some charming spots, green spaces and lovely residential streets. It's time to tell the real story of this multicultural neighbourhood, the people who live here, the cultural richness that drives it and the transformations to come. Discover "European Quarter Brussels", the new, neighbourhood brand.

A brand for the European Quarter

The European Quarter is one of the Brussels-Capital Region's most important economic centres. Its activity represents between 12 and 20% of the gross regional product. The neighbourhood suffered, and still suffers, from a somewhat negative perception that often fails to appreciate its many assets. It was also in urgent need of a new housing policy, a new vision of mobility and a pleasant, lively public space. In 2019, a number of stakeholders, led by and, joined forces to revitalise the district. In 2022, the Brussels government approved an ambitious vision to breathe new life into the neighbourhood. It was against this backdrop that the "European Quarter Brussels" brand was launched on 9 November 2023. Its mission is to instil this new dynamism and identity into the neighbourhood and its residents.

Brand essentials

The European Quarter is a diverse neighbourhood in many respects. It's home to a multitude of people, nationalities and cultural venues that are open to all. The European mentality is present in the everyday life of the neighbourhood! It's synonymous with diversity, accessibility and connectivity, reflecting its Brussels identity. The neighbourhood is a centre of democracy and the embodiment of a multicultural Europe for millions of people! 



The aim here is to describe the European Quarter in a few words/sentences so as to have a reference text (pitch) which could be this:

Formerly a district of business and institutions, the European Quarter is now becoming one of the most dynamic and amazing neighbourhoods in Brussels. It offers an opportunity to discover and experience the unique alchemy between an unparalleled multicultural intensity and the famous Brussels spirit that is joyful, welcoming and festive. A mosaic of secret places, remarkable architectures, little lost corners, gardens, terraces and museums, the European Quarter is an experience in itself, a surprising journey between hypermodernity, a surprising mix of backgrounds, creative innovations and Brussels traditions.



A space for living, creating and meeting that is as varied and welcoming as Europe and the Brussels-Capital Region. A melting pot of languages, cultures and influences in the heart of the city, which serves as a meeting point for all Europeans and Brussels residents.

Brand values


A neighbourhood that is open to all (the people of Brussels, Europeans, the world) and to the capital's other neighbourhoods, that encourages curiosity and promotes encounters. Airier, greener, more sustainable infrastructures and developments, with a focus on proximity and soft mobility.

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A community of stakeholders and residents willing to ensure the inclusion of new groups (Brussels residents, families, etc.) in the experiences they set up and organise (events, businesses, companies, etc.).

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A neighbourhood and local stakeholders in tune with the times, able to respond in a concrete manner to societal aspirations and trends (environment, diversity, cultural activities, etc.).



A field for experimentation and proposals (lifestyle, technology, mobility, events, etc.) that benefits the entire Brussels-Capital Region. The goal is to create a neighbourhood that is lively all year round, with a mix of small, one-off events and larger events in the neighbourhood's central locations.

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A colourful universe

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By gouvernance we mean the coordination of the resources deployed and decision-making processes with regard to the management of the European Quarter.
There is, for instance, a Political Task Force that makes strategic decisions, while the Communication Task Force (public-private) coordinates communication actions about the neighbourhood, including the brand. In addition, there is also an Administrative Task Force (public) that coordinates all urban planning changes on the site. 
There are also several consultative bodies where stakeholders are informed and consulted on a regular basis.